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Forever Pho - Vietnamese Cuisine

Have you ever taken your family to a place where the food is fresh, the service is genuine, and they really care.  Well, that's exactly why we opened Forever Pho's Vietnamese Diner in 2016.  We wanted a counter service restaurant where people really feel at home, yet are able to try out Vietnamese Cuisine.  Forever Pho is a casual place where you'll feel comfortable in your blue jeans or cutoffs, where you will see plenty of your neighbors dine at also.

We put our money in our food, not in fancy decor and a high profile storefront.  Since we don't advertise much, we depend on our customer to get the word out about this place.  So come out and visit us for some great healthy and fresh noodle soup.

In 2016, Forever Pho was born.  The first location was a Vietnamese Diner where customers order at the counter and have their food brought to them.  By the end of 2017, Forever Pho was ready to expand, where the second location in Frisco was opened.  This second location is a fully service casual restaurant.

The name Forever Pho was etched into existence because the owners wanted to delineate the master plan for this restaurant, that it was going to continue forever and be a lasting name among Vietnamese Pho restaurants.

Hopefully, you find our food better than typical restaurants, and much better than typical Pho restaurants.  The difference comes by buying the highest quality meats, vegetables and other ingredients, and preparing them as if we were preparing for our very own families.  To keep everything as fresh as possible we prepare small amounts of each recipe over and over, so the last customer has as good a meal as the first customer.  Our pho broth is made fresh each night before we serve, and cooked for over 15 hours, ready just in time to open the next day,
Allen Store
Forever Pho - Vietnamese Diner
  939 W. Stacy Rd Suite 110
Allen, TX 75013
  Phone : 972-708-4423
Frisco Store
Forever Pho - Vietnamese Restaurant
2550 Preston Rd
Frisco, TX 75034
Phone : 972-704-3474